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Re: [Bacula-devel] The sqlquery command is broken by src/console/console.c r6862

On Tuesday 08 July 2008 15:40:59 Martin Simmons wrote:
> Revision 6862 of src/console/console.c changed the console reader to split
> lines on semicolon, which makes it impossible to send the semicolon
> terminator that the sqlquery command requires.
> The only reliable eol char is one that is never valid in an SQL command,
> which I think is impossible to achieve given that SQL commands might
> contain filenames.
> This bug only affects svn at the moment, because it seems that 2.4 is a
> branch of 2.2 (which I hadn't realized).

I have attempted to fix this (actually some time ago), but have not tested my 
changes because I don't use readline, so if you are able to test this with 
the current SVN, I would appreciate some feedback if this has been corrected. 

Basically the change was allow the EOL character to be turned on/off, and by 
default it is turned off  (actually set to '0').

Best regards,


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