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Re: [Bacula-devel] patch for presence of file daemon

Jean-Sébastien Hederer wrote:
> New features for the DIR:
> 	- when the DIR start, he tries to connect to the FD. If the connection is successful, a presence parameter in the Client ressource change to "yes". Else the presence parameter keep his value "no".
> 	- when the DIR is going to start a new job, he checks the presence parameter. If the client is present, the DIR starts the job, else he waits for him during a time specified in the Client ressource in the bacula-dir.conf (this parameter is named "WaitTimer"). He checks if the client is connected at each interval of a time (attribute "PresenceTimer" in bacula-dir.conf). If the client never connect himself during the "WaitTimer" time, the job is marked as "JSAutomaticallyCanceled" in the Catalog. "JSAutomaticallyCanceled" is a new parameter defined in jcr.h and it means that the job is canceled because the File daemon has never been connected.
> 	- I have created a new file named fd_server.c. It allow the DIR to listen to the File Daemon connections (the default port is 9104, parameter DIRportFD in Director ressource of bacula.dir.conf). The parameter MaxClientsPresence defined in Director ressource in bacula-dir.conf decide how many File Daemons the DIR can listen simultaneously.
> 	- Authentifications fonctions are also implemented in authenticate.c in src/dird and src/filed.

A side note:

Port 9104 should be registered.  The world knows that ports 9101, 9102, 
and 9103 are used for Bacula.  ;)

Dan Langille

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