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Re: [Bacula-devel] patch for presence of file daemon


Sounds exciting, thank you very much!

My two cents:
1) the "port name keyword" should be the same at both the Director side 
and at the FD one, current "DIRport = 9104" at FD side is confusing; I 
would suggest DirPortNotifyByFD, DirNotifyPort or the DirPortFD you've 
used or smth like this;
2) about "FD gives his new address to DIR" -- have you considered any 
kind of security restrictions on it, at least like "allow client side 
address change = yes/no" parameter in the Client configuration?

Alex Ehrlich

Jean-Sébastien Hederer wrote:
 > Maxime Rousseau has created a new feature for bacula.
 > This patch has been created in order to optimize the
 > communications between the File daemon and the Director daemon.

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