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Re: [Bacula-devel] Synthetic Backups

I hadn't noticed that I hadn't added the Bacula devel list on the copies for 
this email, so I am doing so now ...

Best regards,


On Tuesday 12 August 2008 09:30:47 Kern Sibbald wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 August 2008 03:57:20 Matt Mills wrote:
> > Kern,
> >
> > I've been poking around with a copy of TRUNK I've checked out, but I
> > seem to be failing to find the Correct Level option for the job
> > definition to set it to a vbackup. Is the code not functional yet?
>    Level=VirtualFull
> You must have two pools defined exactly as documented for Migration,
> otherwise all the settings are as for a Backup job.
> See regress/tests/virtual-backup-test for a *trivial* example ...
> Kern
> > -Matt.
> >

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