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Re: [Bacula-devel] Source Forge problems

Kern Sibbald wrote:
>> If I'm reading the docs right, it looks like the biggest difficulty would
>> be how to manager user accounts, since Bazaar depends exclusively on sftp
>> to push commits.
> Well, (I think ????) it now handles more than sftp -- https, ssh for example.  
> In general, I don't think the management of user accounts will be difficult. 
> Everyone should have read permission, and those who have write permission are 
> a very limited number of people (< 20) and they don't change very often ...

Okay, poking around in the docs, I confirmed that HTTP support is read only.
It requires FTP or SCP to commit changes to the repository.

Unlike some other access methods, such as svnserve, this means that any
developer accounts must exist as OS level accounts.  This certainly isn't a
showstopper, it's just something that has to be taken into account when
figuring out how things get set up.

Luckily read only HTTP support requires no account setup at all to give global
read access.

>>> 3. I don't know anyway that we can hook Mantis to Bazaar, which supports
>>> interfacing with bugs databases.
>> It looks like having Bazaar point to Mantis should be fairly
>> straightforward:
>> http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-reference/bzr_man.html#bug-tracke
>> r-settings
> I know Bazaar can deal with Bugzilla, RT, Trac, and a few others, but I am not 
> sure about Mantis. 

It looks like you can set up generic bugtracker support by giving Bazaar a URL
string, with a single string substitution for the bug ID.  So the setting
might look something like

bugtracker_bacula_url = http://bugs.bacula.org/view.php?id={id}

>> I have no idea about referencing Bazaar objects from within Mantis.
>>> I haven't had the time to look at what Launchpad is using as a bugs
>>> database.
>>> Another thing I like about Launchpad is the Answers stuff.  It is
>>> basically a nice email list with a Web browser built in so that you can
>>> use either email or a browser.  This would *really* help new users who
>>> are looking for what has been previously discussed because in general web
>>> browser interfaces permit better searching.
>> If I'm understanding what you're looking for, it sounds like we could get
>> at least some of that functionality via a good FAQ management tool.
> Yes, possibly.  Answers is nice, but it is 3rd on my priorities.  The first 
> two are:
>  - Possible switch from svn to Bazaar
>  - Look at bug tracking systems
>  - Answers type email lists

Makes sense.  Switching to Bazaar would obviously have the greatest developer
side impact.

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