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Re: [Bacula-devel] Contrib builder (fschwarz) - adjust dependencies

> No, not complicated at all. I'm just saying the problem likely exists
> because you are not using the X libraries that bat was compiled
> but are substituting another program. Indeed that may be the original
> intention of the X specification but we see it isn't 100%.

I'll join with Alex here: the bat packaging is broken, not his setup.
There should be no reason why an X client that has the necessary
libraries installed should not interoperate properly with other X
implementations, and propagating another app that creates such
dependencies is just bad software practice. 

Servers don't need a full X install for any reason unless there is an
actual head on the box and someone will be sitting in front of it.
Libraries, yes, fonts, yes, but you should not have to have a running X
server on the box to use a X client from the box. X was designed as a
network based display system, and you shouldn't have to care what's on
the other end of the network pipe. 
> I consider the addition of a dependency for this case unjustified
> because it would cause a lot of people to install something they don't
> need. A note in the documentation should suffice.

If you use the font and don't include it in the package -- and clearly
you do -- it's an external resource not provided by the package, and you
should have a dependency for it. That's the point of dependencies in the
first place. If it's already installed, then it does you no harm. If
it's not, then it *should* trigger the install of the font. 

The question may really be whether Alex's X server on the Windows side
has the proper fonts accessible (since that's where fonts are actually
resolved to real display bitmap images), but that still doesn't let you
off the hook to prereq the font so that it could go into a font server
somewhere on the network and/or have the font metrics files loaded so
the client can calculate display boxes correctly. 

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