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Re: [Bacula-devel] Contrib builder (fschwarz) - adjust dependencies

No, not complicated at all. I'm just saying the problem likely exists
because you are not using the X libraries that bat was compiled against
but are substituting another program. Indeed that may be the original
intention of the X specification but we see it isn't 100%.

I consider the addition of a dependency for this case unjustified
because it would cause a lot of people to install something they don't
need. A note in the documentation should suffice.

On Sat, 2008-08-09 at 15:18 +0300, Alex Ehrlich wrote:
> Well, it is *the* way X was meant to work from the very beginning -- 
> universally talking to any X server (and not just on xorg, xfree86, 
> whatever else that did not exist at the time X was born IIRC) via 
> network... And the BAT currently does -- provided the font problem is 
> solved (of course, there are some more complains from it, but it still 
> works).
> But, actually, if it is too complicated (or, probably, you find it 
> unjustified instead of complicated) to add the dependency, then maybe 
> just add a note in the BAT documentation about "additional pre-requisite 
> to run on 'minimal' CentOS"?
> Alex
> Scott Barninger wrote:
> > Ah, well then since bat is compiled against xorg I suppose anything
> > could happen when trying to use it in this manner. 
> >
> > On Sat, 2008-08-09 at 14:28 +0300, Alex Ehrlich wrote:
> >   
> >> Install CentOS without X.
> >> Install an X server (Xming in my case, it's free, but there are some 
> >> others, Exceed is the best known one probably) on a Windows machine (my 
> >> favorite laptop).
> >> Connect from Windows to CentOS by PuTTY via SSH with X11 forward; set 
> >> "DISPLAY=ip_of_the_machine_running_Xming:0; export DISPLAY".
> >> Start the X server on the Windows machine.
> >> (There might be some mess with security of the X server but as I run 
> >> everything on my home LAN I just don't bother with it).
> >> All this "X server on Windows" stuff and how to make it work is pretty 
> >> well explained on the xming page 
> >> (http://www.straightrunning.com/XmingNotes/).
> >> Start any X program on the Linux machine in the PuTTY SSH session and it 
> >> shall display on the Windows machine (I installed xterm just for test 
> >> purposes and it worked fine).
> >> So far so good.
> >> Now the problem with BAT is that it crashes on startup in the 
> >> environment where xterm works fine. There are no font dependencies 
> >> listed in it (ldd). I had to google pretty much to find that installing 
> >> the fonts solves the problem, and indeed it does. *Maybe* some other 
> >> font package would be sufficient, I never tried.
> >> There was another suggestion how to make this work: "install X server on 
> >> the Linux machine", but this is a little bit overkill. I hope you agree 
> >> that CentOS (ok, RHEL) in its "minimum" configuration (i.e. *without* X) 
> >> is a pretty popular one for Linux servers today; actually I see no good 
> >> reason to install X on the server if you can avoid it and you won't sit 
> >> in front of it physically, and the less you have installed on a *server* 
> >> the better it works and the more secure it is.
> >>
> >> Alex
> >>     
> >   

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