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Re: [Bacula-devel] Contrib builder (fschwarz) - adjust dependencies

Well, it is *the* way X was meant to work from the very beginning -- 
universally talking to any X server (and not just on xorg, xfree86, 
whatever else that did not exist at the time X was born IIRC) via 
network... And the BAT currently does -- provided the font problem is 
solved (of course, there are some more complains from it, but it still 
But, actually, if it is too complicated (or, probably, you find it 
unjustified instead of complicated) to add the dependency, then maybe 
just add a note in the BAT documentation about "additional pre-requisite 
to run on 'minimal' CentOS"?


Scott Barninger wrote:
> Ah, well then since bat is compiled against xorg I suppose anything
> could happen when trying to use it in this manner. 
> On Sat, 2008-08-09 at 14:28 +0300, Alex Ehrlich wrote:
>> Install CentOS without X.
>> Install an X server (Xming in my case, it's free, but there are some 
>> others, Exceed is the best known one probably) on a Windows machine (my 
>> favorite laptop).
>> Connect from Windows to CentOS by PuTTY via SSH with X11 forward; set 
>> "DISPLAY=ip_of_the_machine_running_Xming:0; export DISPLAY".
>> Start the X server on the Windows machine.
>> (There might be some mess with security of the X server but as I run 
>> everything on my home LAN I just don't bother with it).
>> All this "X server on Windows" stuff and how to make it work is pretty 
>> well explained on the xming page 
>> (http://www.straightrunning.com/XmingNotes/).
>> Start any X program on the Linux machine in the PuTTY SSH session and it 
>> shall display on the Windows machine (I installed xterm just for test 
>> purposes and it worked fine).
>> So far so good.
>> Now the problem with BAT is that it crashes on startup in the 
>> environment where xterm works fine. There are no font dependencies 
>> listed in it (ldd). I had to google pretty much to find that installing 
>> the fonts solves the problem, and indeed it does. *Maybe* some other 
>> font package would be sufficient, I never tried.
>> There was another suggestion how to make this work: "install X server on 
>> the Linux machine", but this is a little bit overkill. I hope you agree 
>> that CentOS (ok, RHEL) in its "minimum" configuration (i.e. *without* X) 
>> is a pretty popular one for Linux servers today; actually I see no good 
>> reason to install X on the server if you can avoid it and you won't sit 
>> in front of it physically, and the less you have installed on a *server* 
>> the better it works and the more secure it is.
>> Alex

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