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Re: [Bacula-devel] Presentation

On Thursday 07 August 2008 18:37:49 Dirk Bartley wrote:
> Greetings Kern
> I see there are presentations that have been given available as pdf's.
> I'm planning on attending http://barcampgr.org/wiki/BarCampGrandRapids3
> >From what I can tell, all presentations are scheduled after arrival.
> The thought was to possibly schedule a presentation to discuss bacula.
> I'm wondering if it would be appropriate for me to use the existent
> materials as a starting point?  Would it be possible to get a
> presentation in impress or ppt format to maybe do some slight
> modifying??  I just wanted to add a little information of why I was
> looking for an application for backing up, how I got involved and why I
> choose bacula.

Yes, of course, all the presentations can more or less be freely used by 
anyone.  I think I have posted all the pdf's of the presentations that I have 
given -- they are all quite similar with a few modifications over time.

All of them were written with OpenOffice, and are extremely easy to run as a 
slide show on a computer.  It may even be possible to export them to ppt 
format, but I have never tried that.

If you would like one or more of the original OO files, just let me know.

The only thing I ask is that as I did, you give credits where due, and if you 
make any significant improvements, it is not mandatory, but it would be 
really nice to have them contributed to our collection.

Best regards,


PS: your timing was really good in fixing the Bat busy problems in 
Branch-2.4 :-)

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