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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Bacula-users] Possible hosting Bacula on Launchpad

On Monday 04 August 2008 20:55:52 Frank Sweetser wrote:
> Kern Sibbald wrote:
> > I am still working on understanding the Launchpad system, but what I have
> > seen so far is very impressive.  At the current time, the SVN is being
> > imported into Launchpad, and the bugs database is not yet approved for
> > import.
> This looks like an excellent move to me.  Sourceforge was fantastic in its
> day, but it really hasn't kept up with the times.
> Bug reporting: it looks like it can integrate with an external bug tracker,
> including mantis.  It doesn't really say exactly what this external
> interaction means, but it's good that we at least have the option of
> continuing the current database, and transitioning over at our convenience.
> Translations: looks *very* nice.  In particular, the friendly web interface
> makes it look like a good way to let people contribute without digging into
> C++.
> Blueprints: a nice replacement for the old projects file.  All it seems to
> be missing is a way to vote on them.
> Bazaar: switching over to this should enable much more flexible work flows,
> especially with multiple programmers.  The ability to take a given
> changeset and trivially apply to another branch is also very nice for
> things like backporting fixes.
> The only big gap that I see, is a good documentation management system. 
> Given that Bacula has always maintained its own manual as a standalone
> entity, though, this isn't much of a drawback.
> Switching over to these new tools will obviously take a far bit of work,
> but it looks to me like it will be a big win in the long run.

Thanks -- particularly for the very nice summary, in which you do a nice job 
of exposing all the points that make me interested in their system :-)


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