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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Bacula-users] Bacula on Windows Vista / Winodws Server 2008

On Tuesday 05 August 2008 17:31:23 John Drescher wrote:
> > I am sorry to hear about you having to have jaw surgery --- hope it
> > worked out.
> Although recovery was a long time (8 or so months of problems and
> pain) it worked out much better than I thought. All the pain and
> numbness is gone and my bottom and top jaw are in the correct position
> (instead of being 12 mm or so off).. I would have done this many years
> ago if I knew this would be the result.
> >> and I got tired of
> >> making excuses. The biggest hold up was that the win32 api does not
> >> have the concept of a dynamic layout forcing me to have to find a good
> >> way to do this without porting a lot of code. I do this easy with MFC
> >> but I have 1000 lines of code in 2 layout managers for that... The
> >> reason for this was so I could mimic the display of the unix tray
> >> monitor.
> >
> > Well, there is nothing for you to be sorry about.  I actually had totally
> > forgotten that you were working on this.  I originally thought this
> > problem would create a lot of requests, but until now, no one that I can
> > remember has asked for it so I have to wonder how important the project
> > really was.
> >
> >> Since then I have thought of a few options. I needed to learn qt for
> >> my current work project and I know this dynamic part would be easy for
> >> me in qt but I am not sure how to integrate that into the build
> >> process. Also I have seen that gtk+ is ported to windows. I am not
> >> sure that would help us use the same code. And the last method would
> >> be only show the filedaemon status only so there was no dynamic dialog
> >> needed.
> >
> > Hmm.  Now that you mention Qt, you might be interested in a slightly
> > different problem (somewhat harder perhaps) that *is* a very important
> > project and that is to get bat working on Win32.  As you probably know
> > Bat uses Qt4 >= version 4.2 and Qt4 does run on Win32 machines.  In fact,
> > thanks to Eric Bollengier, we have a first port of bat to Win32. 
> > However, it is quite unstable at the moment -- it doesn't take much to
> > crash it.  The current port is in fact, only a half a port.  We have
> > ported the bat code itself, which is cross-compiled on Linux, but we
> > haven't yet ported Qt to be cross-compiled, instead we use the Qt
> > binaries that are pre-built by Trolltech.  We install them on Windows
> > directly then Bat uses them.  Anyway, to get it up to production quality
> > will require someone that likes to spend a lot of time running the
> > debugger (gdb) on Windows and dig into subtle errors ...
> Here is what I am working on with Qt:
> On my windows machines I build qt 4.3 from source and use VS2005 to
> compile my medical imaging (itk + vtk + qt + boost) projects under 32
> bit windows XP. I am using CMake to generate the project files so that
> with the same source (checked into cvs) I can also build and execute
> my applications in 64 bit gentoo linux using kdevelop as the build
> environment on the linux side. At this point I have not had any
> serious problems running my applications on both platforms but they
> are in no way as big as bat is at this time.
> I am interested in this and it is a possibility that I can help with
> that. I can not promise anything though. My time is always short.

The next step for you or anyone who wants to try to build the Win32 bat is in 
the trunk svn to go to <bacula-source>/src/qt-console  and read the file 
README.mingw32 which explains how we build it.  It is not an easy process yet 
(not as automated as it could be) and as I say, it is not really stable.

Best regards,


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