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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Bacula-users] Bacula on Windows Vista / Winodws Server 2008

Hello John,

On Tuesday 05 August 2008 14:48:45 John Drescher wrote:
> > Yes, Microsoft for supposedly security reasons (incompetence IMO)
> > disallow the daemon from interacting with the desktop on Vista (and
> > probably their Server machines).  Too bad.  The solution is to either do
> > without it, which is what most sysadmins prefer, or for someone to
> > undertake a separate tray-monitor program that would run on Win32.  The
> > current Bacula developers have about 10 years of work ahead of them for
> > currently planned features, so this would need to come from the
> > community.
> I am very sorry about that. The time I had to work on that became even
> less after I returned to work after my jaw surgery 

I am sorry to hear about you having to have jaw surgery --- hope it worked 

> and I got tired of 
> making excuses. The biggest hold up was that the win32 api does not
> have the concept of a dynamic layout forcing me to have to find a good
> way to do this without porting a lot of code. I do this easy with MFC
> but I have 1000 lines of code in 2 layout managers for that... The
> reason for this was so I could mimic the display of the unix tray
> monitor.

Well, there is nothing for you to be sorry about.  I actually had totally 
forgotten that you were working on this.  I originally thought this problem 
would create a lot of requests, but until now, no one that I can remember has 
asked for it so I have to wonder how important the project really was.

> Since then I have thought of a few options. I needed to learn qt for
> my current work project and I know this dynamic part would be easy for
> me in qt but I am not sure how to integrate that into the build
> process. Also I have seen that gtk+ is ported to windows. I am not
> sure that would help us use the same code. And the last method would
> be only show the filedaemon status only so there was no dynamic dialog
> needed.

Hmm.  Now that you mention Qt, you might be interested in a slightly different 
problem (somewhat harder perhaps) that *is* a very important project and that 
is to get bat working on Win32.  As you probably know Bat uses Qt4 >= version 
4.2 and Qt4 does run on Win32 machines.  In fact, thanks to Eric Bollengier, 
we have a first port of bat to Win32.  However, it is quite unstable at the 
moment -- it doesn't take much to crash it.  The current port is in fact, 
only a half a port.  We have ported the bat code itself, which is 
cross-compiled on Linux, but we haven't yet ported Qt to be cross-compiled, 
instead we use the Qt binaries that are pre-built by Trolltech.  We install 
them on Windows directly then Bat uses them.  Anyway, to get it up to 
production quality will require someone that likes to spend a lot of time 
running the debugger (gdb) on Windows and dig into subtle errors ...


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