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[Bacula-devel] Feature request: Add EFS support on Windows

Item X:   Add EFS support on Windows
   Origin: Alex Ehrlich (Alex.Ehrlich-at-mail.ee)
   Date:   05 August 2008

   What:   For each file backed up or restored by FD on Windows, check if
           the file is encrypted; if so then use OpenEncryptedFileRaw,
           ReadEncryptedFileRaw, WriteEncryptedFileRaw,
           CloseEncryptedFileRaw instead of BackupRead and BackupWrite
           API calls.

   Why:    Many laptop users utilize the EFS functionality today; so do.
           some non-laptop ones, too.
           Currently files encrypted by means of EFS cannot be backed up.
           It means a Windows boutique cannot rely on Bacula as its
           backup solution, at least when using Windows 2K, XPP,
           "better" Vista etc on workstations, unless EFS is
           forbidden by policies.
           The current situation might result into "false sense of
           security" among the end-users.

   Notes:  Using xxxEncryptedFileRaw API would allow to backup and
           restore EFS-encrypted files without decrypting their data.
           Note that such files cannot be restored "portably" (at least,
           easily) but they would be restoreable to a different (or
           reinstalled) Win32 machine; the restore would require setup
           of a EFS recovery agent in advance, of course, and this shall
           be clearly reflected in the documentation, but this is the
           normal Windows SysAdmin's business.
           When "portable" backup is requested the EFS-encrypted files
           shall be clearly reported as errors.
           See MSDN on the "Backup and Restore of Encrypted Files" topic:
           Maybe the EFS support requires a new flag in the database for
           each file, too?
           Unfortunately, the implementation is not as straightforward as
           1-to-1 replacement of BackupRead with ReadEncryptedFileRaw,
           requiring some FD code rewrite to work with
           encrypted-file-related callback functions.

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