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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Bacula-users] Possible hosting Bacula on Launchpad

Kern Sibbald wrote:

> I am still working on understanding the Launchpad system, but what I have seen 
> so far is very impressive.  At the current time, the SVN is being imported 
> into Launchpad, and the bugs database is not yet approved for import.

This looks like an excellent move to me.  Sourceforge was fantastic in its 
day, but it really hasn't kept up with the times.

Bug reporting: it looks like it can integrate with an external bug tracker, 
including mantis.  It doesn't really say exactly what this external 
interaction means, but it's good that we at least have the option of 
continuing the current database, and transitioning over at our convenience.

Translations: looks *very* nice.  In particular, the friendly web interface 
makes it look like a good way to let people contribute without digging into C++.

Blueprints: a nice replacement for the old projects file.  All it seems to be 
missing is a way to vote on them.

Bazaar: switching over to this should enable much more flexible work flows, 
especially with multiple programmers.  The ability to take a given changeset 
and trivially apply to another branch is also very nice for things like 
backporting fixes.

The only big gap that I see, is a good documentation management system.  Given 
that Bacula has always maintained its own manual as a standalone entity, 
though, this isn't much of a drawback.

Switching over to these new tools will obviously take a far bit of work, but 
it looks to me like it will be a big win in the long run.

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