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[Bacula-devel] Possible hosting Bacula on Launchpad


For some time (several years), I have been unhappy with the service offered by 
the Source Forge hosting for the Bacula project.  Aside from being very slow 
to the point that we have often been unable to upload releases for several 
days, they have now gone what I would call "commercial", which means that 
there are commercial ads plastered all over the place including all the 
pages -- even the developer only release pages.  I find it quite annoying to 
have these moving, scrolling, blinking images advertising commercial software 
such as Zmanda, GoodSync, ... all claiming to be Open Source or free.

I didn't realize until a few days ago that Canonical had opened Lauchpad last 
November for Open Source projects.  Currently MySQL is being hosted there.  
Launchpad provides a whole pile of very significant improvements for hosting 
an Open Source project that do not exist with what we are currently using.
Considering that Ubuntu and MySQL are both using Launchpad, I expect that it 
has more than enough capacity and features to meet our needs.

As I see it, there would be two major difference between what we are currently 
doing and what Launchpad offers (not to mention all kinds of good tools that 
we are not using).  The first is the use of Bazaar rather than Subversion for 
repository control. Bazaar allows anyone to make his own branch of an 
official Bacula branch and to request merging in the Bacula trunk, which is 
reported to be very easy.  The second major change would be the bug reporting 
system, which can be accessed both by a Web interface as we have for Mantis, 
but also by direct email input ...

I suggest you take a look at the features that are available in Launchpad and 
at the skeleton of a Bacula project that is already there.  Launchpad in 
general can be found at:


and Bacula in particular at:


I am still working on understanding the Launchpad system, but what I have seen 
so far is very impressive.  At the current time, the SVN is being imported 
into Launchpad, and the bugs database is not yet approved for import.

Best regards,


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