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Re: [Bacula-devel] Checked out the source

Thanks kern!


Kern Sibbald wrote:
> On Monday 04 August 2008 04:28:26 John Huttley wrote:
>> Well that was fun.
>> Very Comprehensive. After about 4 hours and 5.9Gb I cancelled it.
>> I think the instructions on the SF page should suggest only getting "Trunk"
> I cannot control what SF puts, but if I remember right, this is documented in 
> the developers manual. The simplest command that will get you all of the 
> Bacula release is:
> svn checkout https://bacula.svn.sf.net/svnroot/bacula/trunk  trunk
> it will write it into the directory trunk in the current directory.  The size 
> of the full trunk is roughly 330MB. The simplest command to get only the 
> Bacula source without the docs, gui, regress, and rescue is:
> svn checkout https://bacula.svn.sf.net/svnroot/bacula/trunk/bacula bacula
> that will put it in the directory bacula in the current directory.  The size 
> of that directory is a bit over 50MB.   
> If you want smaller files use "export" rather than "checkout" they will be 
> nearly 1/2 the size, but you will not be able to update them with svn update 
> as you can with a checked out version.
> Kern

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