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Re: [Bacula-devel] Checked out the source

On Monday 04 August 2008 04:28:26 John Huttley wrote:
> Well that was fun.
> Very Comprehensive. After about 4 hours and 5.9Gb I cancelled it.
> I think the instructions on the SF page should suggest only getting "Trunk"

I cannot control what SF puts, but if I remember right, this is documented in 
the developers manual. The simplest command that will get you all of the 
Bacula release is:

svn checkout https://bacula.svn.sf.net/svnroot/bacula/trunk  trunk

it will write it into the directory trunk in the current directory.  The size 
of the full trunk is roughly 330MB. The simplest command to get only the 
Bacula source without the docs, gui, regress, and rescue is:

svn checkout https://bacula.svn.sf.net/svnroot/bacula/trunk/bacula bacula

that will put it in the directory bacula in the current directory.  The size 
of that directory is a bit over 50MB.   

If you want smaller files use "export" rather than "checkout" they will be 
nearly 1/2 the size, but you will not be able to update them with svn update 
as you can with a checked out version.


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