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Re: [Bacula-devel] feature request

Title: Re: [Bacula-devel] feature request

> Nothing against RAIT, but I get the impression that rather than a
> RAID-like tape subsystem, what is needed is a LVM-like subsystem for
> tape. The key word is 'subsystem', meaning that maybe it is not
> something that should be built into Bacula, and indeed would be best
> implemented as a device driver, just as lvm and md are.
I had in mind something even more sophisticated: a subsystem where an application can say"store this object and it's related metadata for me" and it becomes the subsystem's problem how to manage the storage. I'd rather have it be a API library than a device driver to keep it more portable (device drivers are a nice paradigm, but non-portable between operating systems), but there's nothing preventing it from being done that way.
> Just my opinion, I realize, but my opinion is that this low level device
> handling should not be built into Bacula, allowing Bacula to focus on
> what it does so well, the actual backup of networked machines. Besides,
> something like this is a huge undertaking, deserving of its own project.
Amen, brother. I don't think it's actually that difficult -- the concept is well developed in the mainframe world, so we have a good model to start from -- but it's definitely not something that belongs to being a part of Bacula.


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