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[Bacula-devel] Debian and Ubuntu Packages updated

Hi all,

I just uploaded updated bacula packages to the packman package
repository (Version 2.2.8)

These will be available in about 4-5 hours from now on.

There are now packages for:

- Debian * sarge -> i386
         * etch  -> i386, x86_64 (amd64)

- Ubuntu * edgy   (6.10) -> i386, x86_64 (amd64)
         * feisty (7.04) -> i386, x86_64 (amd64)
         * gutsy  (7.10) -> i386, x86_64 (amd64)

(BAT is not included in the sarge build)

Instructions for the repo can be found here:

Comments / Suggestions welcome.

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