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[Bacula-devel] Novell NSS / getxattr

I have a need to backup the Novell NSS file system, with NSS specific attributes. I would be more than happy to attempt the addition of NSS features to the File Daemon on my own, but I thought I would check on the -devel list to make sure that I am not duplicating any existing efforts, and that I am headed in the right direction.
The extended attributes on NSS files can be accessed with a call to getxattr(). It looks like I would simply have to add code to encode_attributes_Ex() that conditionally encodes the extended NSS attributes for NSS files... and obviously do the reverse for restore.
Any objections? Suggestions? Glaring holes-in-logic?
Sorry for barging in to the list, and thank you for Bacula.
Travis Schafer
Technology Director
Carson City - Crystal Area Schools
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