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Re: [Bacula-devel] (again) 2drive-incremental-2disk freezes - waiting for volume

Allan Black wrote:
> Dan Langille wrote:
>> 2.2 branch was fine.  A problem on trunk:
>> 30-Jan 15:26 localhost-sd JobId 3: Job NightlySave.2008-01-30_15.26.05 
>> waiting. Cannot find any appendable volumes.
>> Please use the "label"  command to create a new Volume for:
>>     Storage:      "Drive-0" 
>> (/usr/home/dan/src/BaculaRegressionTesting/tmp/disk-changer/drive0)
>>     Pool:         Default
>>     Media type:   DDS-4
>> Shock.  Horror!  This is during the 2drive-incremental-2disk test!
> OK .... in my case, four of the five jobs completed successfully,
> and the fifth one (JobId 5) did exactly the above.
> I have had a dig around in the database (MySQL) and had a look at
> the director and SD with bconsole, but I have not found anything
> yet ....
> If this is (as Kern guessed in September) a race condition, where
> is it likely to be?

No idea.  FWIW, my tests on FreeBSD 6.2 with PostgreSQL 8.2.5  I'm glad 
the same/similar problem occurs on another OS/database combination.

I have no clues as to the cause of the problem.

Dan Langille

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