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[Bacula-devel] bacula feature request: better client firewall and timeout handling

Item  45?:  Improve how bacula handles tcpip connections when they drop
(or are just not answered) unexpectedly both at the beginning and in the
middle of a backup.
   Date:   January 29, 2008
   Origin: Bob Hetzel beh@xxxxxxxx
   Status: New

   What:   Part A: Currently, when a bacula client has a firewall on it
that isn't set up properly to allow the server to connect in (or is just
down), it takes bacula a long time to figure that out.  Part B: When a
client goes away in the middle of a backup (i.e. shut down or just taken
off the network due to being a laptop on the move) bacula takes a long
time to figure that out and terminate the backup.

   Why:    Workarounds have been suggested such as creating a "before
job" that pings the client.  That is only a partial resolution to
part A and is no resolution to part B, because it tests general
connectivity to the client without specific bacula connectivity
(i.e. response to a ping is not the same as response to a connection
on port 9102).  In addition, that doesn't resolve the problems created
when backing up a laptop or other computer that gets shut off or moved
in the middle of a backup.  Also, many IT shops have created policies to
turn off ping responses due security situations they can create, for
instance under Microsoft Windows.

   Notes:  It seems rather obvious to me that implementing part A is
substantially easier than part B, but both seem rather related and could
share code.  Part A would be really nice even without part B. though.
This would also allow the code to give a better message to the server
which currently just suggests a password problem or bacula not running.
  Having a way to check if the director connected at all to the bacula
client would allow for a more specific error message.  I also understand
that this might require a change in the FD code--thus making older
clients incompatible with the newer bacula server daemons, so perhaps a
way to turn it on or off would be helpful too.

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