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[Bacula-devel] New website layout

RESENT : previous attempt bounced

See http://marc.info/?l=bacula-users&m=120161156206913&w=2

In brief: the following links are broken:

Bacula-web Guide

All the 'New' links at the bottom of the page

As an aside:

Search engines will be driving people to the old pages.  I can come up
with some Apache rewrites which will push people to the new locations.

For example: /rel-manual/ will become /en/rel-manual/ etc.  This is
pretty easy to do.  It is also The Right Thing To Do on a permanent
basis.  It allows links from other websites to continue working, thereby
improving the experience for Bacula users, especially those new to the

I think this will work:

    <Directory  /path/to/your/DocumentRoot>
        RewriteEngine   on
        RewriteBase /

        RewriteRule ^/rel-manual/(.*)$ /en/rel-manual/$1 [S=1,R=permanent]

I have not tested this.

Dan Langille

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