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Re: [Bacula-devel] Python vs. Lua


On Sunday 27 January 2008 23.02:46 Eric Böse-Wolf wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> once there had been a discussion, that the python support could be
> purged from bacula. An interesting alternative could be lua, just to
> draw your attention to it. It's easy and (I didn't try) people say its
> easy to embed in other programs.

Sometime in the near future (possibly 3.0.0), I would like to remove Phython 
from Bacula.  However, before doing so, I plan to implement Bacula plugins, 
and will attempt to create a plugin that  duplicates current Python 
functionality -- at least that is my idea.  

I believe that various different plugins for different scripting languages can 
be easily implemented.  That way, everyone can have his favorite scripting 
language (perl, ruby, lua, python, ...)

Best regards,


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