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[Bacula-devel] bacula-2.2.8 rpm release

Bacula-2.2 RPM Release Notes
27 January 2008
D. Scott Barninger
<barninger at fairfieldcomputers dot com>

Release 2.2.8-1

This release incorporates a number of significant changes since 1.38.

These release notes refer to the rpm packaging only.
Please refer to the release notes and changelog in the
tarball or on sourceforge for complete information on all changes.

* Miscellaneous *

Force stripping of binaries for SuSE packages.

Fixed bug 1037.

Added nobuild_mtx switch to surpress build of mtx package.

Added missing files now required by the rescue configure script.

Corrected dist target for rhel5.

Corrected QT dependency name for RedHat flavors.

Added fix for RHEL5 64 bit QT paths.

Added build target for su103.

Added build targets for rhel5 and clones.

Build target added for Scientific Linux (RHEL clone) thanks to Jon

Merged Otto Mueller's patch changing some directory locations for FHS
but retaining the script directory as /etc/bacula.

gnome-console and wxconsole have been renamed to bgnome-console and

* bat (Bacula Admin Tool) *

A new subpackage has been added for the new bat QT-based GUI
administration tool.
This requires QT >= 4.2

--define "build_bat 1"

If you encounter problems building the bat package on platforms where 
you do have the proper QT4 support (QT >= 4.2) it may be necessary to 
adjust your $QTDIR and $PATH variables. On Fedora 8 it was necessary to:

export QTDIR=/usr/lib/qt4;export PATH=/usr/lib/qt4/bin:$PATH;rpmbuild

* Gnome console dropped on some platforms *

The gconsole package has been dropped on older gnome platforms (gtk+ <
Changes in the gnome api and code produced by Glade no longer build. 
In addition, the tray monitor now fails to build on < 2.10 platforms.
gconsole is now not built on the following platforms:
rh7, rh8, rh9, rhel3 (and clones), fc1, fc3, fc4, mdk, su9, su10

* Third party packager support *

A new build tag added to support third party packagers to replace the
information in the Packager: tag in the rpm. Invoking
--define "contrib_packager Your Name <your-emmail@xxxxxxxx>"
will substitute your packager identification.

Users interested in building packages for platforms not normally
should examine the platforms/contrib-rpm directory in the source code.

* Option to build client only *

A build define to build the client rpm package only added. This turns 
off all database builds, gnome console and wxconsole.
--define "build_client_only 1"

* Python support added *

Support for compiling with python scripting support added. This is off 
by default but can be enabled with:
--define "build_python 1"
Released binary packages are built with python support.

* Database update *

The 2.x release requires an update to the bacula database structure
from version 9 to version 10. A pre-install routine has been added to
check for databases older than 9. In that event the install will exit
with an error message indicating that the database must be updated to
version 9 before installing this upgrade. Scripts for updating older
database formats are available for download in the bacula-updatedb
rpm package. In the event a version 9 database is detected a
routine will update the database after creating a backup file in the 
bacula working directory.

* SQLite Upgrade *

For users of the sqlite package, from 2.2.7 onward sqlite3 replaces 
sqlite2. Your sqlite2 database file (/var/lib/bacula/bacula.db) is not 
compatible with sqlite3. During an upgrade the pre-install script will 
check for this situation. If found it will dump your catalog data to
file /var/lib/bacula/bacula_backup.sql, rename your old catalog file to 
/var/lib/bacula/bacula.db.old, and exit. You should then re-run the rpm 
upgrade. After the upgrade is complete restore your catalog data with 
the following commands (as root):

cd /var/lib/bacula
/usr/lib/bacula/sqlite/sqlite3 $* bacula.db < bacula_backup.sql
chown bacula.bacula bacula.db

* Platform Notes *

The spec file currently supports building on the following platforms:

# RedHat builds
--define "build_rh7 1"
--define "build_rh8 1"
--define "build_rh9 1"

# Fedora Core build
--define "build_fc1 1"
--define "build_fc3 1"
--define "build_fc4 1"
--define "build_fc5 1"
--define "build_fc6 1"
--define "build_fc7 1"
--define "build_fc8 1"

# Whitebox Enterprise build
--define "build_wb3 1"

# RedHat Enterprise builds
--define "build_rhel3 1"
--define "build_rhel4 1"
--define "build_rhel5 1"

# CentOS build
--define "build_centos3 1"
--define "build_centos4 1"
--define "build_centos5 1"

# Scientific Linux build
--define "build_sl3 1"
--define "build_sl4 1"
--define "build_sl5 1"

# SuSE build
--define "build_su9 1"
--define "build_su10 1"
--define "build_su102 1"
--define "build_su103 1"

# Mandrake 10.x build
--define "build_mdk 1"

# Mandriva build
--define "build_mdv 1"

* Database build options *

Database support (must select one or build client only)

MySQL support:
--define "build_mysql 1"
# OR if using mysql 4.x define this
# currently: Mandrake 10.x, SuSE 9.x & 10.0, RHEL4, fc4
--define "build_mysql4 1"
# OR if using mysql 5.x define this
# currently: SuSE 10.1 and higher, fc5 and higher
--define "build_mysql5 1"

PostgreSQL support:
--define "build_postgresql 1"

Sqlite support:
--define "build_sqlite 1"

* Other build options *

Supress build of mtx package:
--define "nobuild_mtx 1"

Supress build of Gnome Console:
--define "nobuild_gconsole 1"

Enable X86-64 support
--define "build_x86_64 1"

This build switch remains but should no longer be necessary. The
configure script 
was adjusted in the 1.39 development series to correctly detect the
location of 
64 bit libraries.

Enable wxconsole:
--define "build_wxconsole 1"

Enable bat:
--define "build_bat 1"

Enable python support:
--define "build_python 1"

Build the client package only:
--define "build_client_only 1"

* Current binary package support *

D. Scott Barninger <barninger at fairfieldcomputers dot com>
el3 i386
fc8 i386
su102 i586
su103 i586

Felix Schwarz <felix dot schwarz at web dot de>
fc5 i386
fc5 x86_64
fc6 i386
fc6 x86_64
fc7 i386
fc7 x86_64
el4 i386
el4 x86_64
el5 i386
el5 x86_64

PattiMichelle Sheaffer <pattimichelle at pattimichelle dot com>
su102 x86_64
su103 x86_64

Mandriva packages are available in the distribution contrib repository.

* Changelog since 1.38.11 *
* Sun Jan 27 2008 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- 2.2.8 release
- add debug package for SuSE
* Sat Jan 12 2008 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- 2.2.8 beta release  
- fix bug 1037
- add fc8 target
* Fri Dec 28 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- add nobuild_mtx switch
* Sat Nov 17 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- switch to sqlite3
* Sun Nov 11 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- add new files required by rescue makefile
* Sat Nov 10 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- add su103 build target
* Sun Nov 04 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- fix dist defines for rhel5 and clones
- fix rhel broken 64 bit QT4 paths
- rh qt4 packages don't provide qt so fix that too
* Mon Oct 29 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- correct ownership when creating sqlite db file in post script
* Sun Sep 16 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- fix disable-batch-insert
* Fri Sep 14 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- 2.2.4 release
- turn off gconsole build for fc3, tray monitor fails to build
- add new files for mtx package (09Sep07 depkgs update)
* Sat Sep 08 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- add --disable-batch-insert for older platforms
- add build targets for rhel5 and clones
* Mon Sep 03 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- 2.2.1 release
- turn off gconsole build for su10 & fc4, tray monitor fails to build
* Sat Jul 14 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- 2.1.26 add make of qwt in depkgs for bat
* Sat Jun 02 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- upgrade Qt requirement for bat to 4.2
* Sun May 06 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- add fc7 build target
* Sun Apr 29 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- 2.1.8
- gnome-console now bgnome-console
- wxconsole now bwx-console
- add build option for bat
* Sat Apr 08 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- merge Otto Mueller's patch but keep script dir set to /etc/bacula
- add build tag for Scientific Linux per Jon Peatfield
* Tue Mar 27 2007 Otto Mueller <otto.mueller@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
- adjust directory locations for FHS-compatibility
  sysconf_dir (/etc/bacula), script_dir (/usr/lib/bacula),
  working_dir (/var/lib/bacula) and pid_dir (/var/run)
* Mon Feb 26 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- add SuSE 10.2 target
* Sat Jan 20 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- correct bug 752
- set query.sql as config file
- correct bug 754
* Sun Jan 14 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- 2.0.1 release
- change determination of gcc version per patch from Marc Hennes
- move BuildRequire for atk-devel to gnome only builds
- add fc6 build tag
* Sat Jan 06 2007 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- 2.0.0 release
* Sun Oct 15 2006 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- 1.39.26 remove create_sqlite_database.in.patch
* Sun Sep 24 2006 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- change ownership of working_dir on server packages to bacula.bacula so
- bacula-sd can create bootstrap files
* Sat Sep 02 2006 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- 1.39.22 remove separate cd and make of manpages the main Makefile does
it now
* Sun Aug 06 2006 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- fix manpages file extension for mdk
* Sat Aug 05 2006 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- bug 648 re-enable and update sqlite patches
- 1.39.18 changes
- updatedb 9 to 10
- install man pages
- lock out gconsole build for gtk+ < 2.4
* Mon Jul 17 2006 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- move pango-devel BuildRequires into gconsole only build
* Sat Jul 15 2006 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- add provides and conflicts for standard suse packages
- add third party packager tag support
- add build_client_only tag
- remove bsmtp from client package
- add bacula-ctl-fd to client package
* Thu Jul 13 2006 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- fix directory creation when wxconsole and not gconsole
* Tue Jul 04 2006 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- add check to buildrequires to make sure libstdc++ version matches gcc
* Mon Jul 03 2006 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- add python build support
- fix LDFLAGS declarations
* Sun Jul 02 2006 D. Scott Barninger <barninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
- add requires for standard compiler toolchain
- move version and release tags up
- move patches up
- add docs_version tag

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