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[Bacula-devel] Bacula 2.2.8 released


I have released the Bacula 2.2.8 tar source files and the Win32 binaries to 
the bacula and Win32 to the Bacula Source Forge release areas.  The Win32 
binaries have not been tested.

Version 2.2.8 is a bug fix to version 2.2.7:
- It fixes bugs: 1036, 1033(doc), 1028, 1040, 1045(doc), 1030,
  1042(partially), and possibly bugs 1018 and 1032.
  Bugs 1018 and 1032 involve problems with multiple-drive autochangers,
  and are difficult to reproduce.
  See the ChangeLog for more details.

Note, version 2.2.8 has a few additional bugs fixed after the BETA 2.2.8 

Best regards,


2.2.8 ChangeLog
Release Version 2.2.8
kes  Apply patch from Martin to correct bug #1040, bscan sets existing
     ClientId to zero.
kes  Fixed important spelling error in doc -- bug #1045.
kes  Move initialization of read/write res lock earlier in the code.
     This fixes the crash with a null conf file. This fixes bug
kes  Redefine CURES in lib/parse_conf to be URES and move it all
     into lib/parse_conf.c -- this responds to bug #1042, but does
     not fix it. The fix is not to compile with FORTIFY_SOURCE.
kes  Backport fix de-referencing a NULL pointer in the scanner from
     the trunk SVN. I don't think this was reported as a bug.

Beta release Version 2.2.8
kes  Re-enable the new job code editing (%f).
kes  Fix bsnprintf for float point numbers. I broke recently when
     parameterizing some variables.
kes  Move Heartbeat documentation from Job to Director resource.
     This fixes bug #1033.
kes  Fix existing switch drive SD code to call autochanger to release
     any old volume. This must be done to keep the autochanger from
     releasing subsequently newly reserved volumes in doing a close().
     This should possibly fix bugs #1032 and #1018.
kes  Apply big backport of current SVN SD code that corrects a number
     of race conditions. This is a first step in fixing bug #1018.
ebl  Fixes bug #1028 where "Selection Type" option was not usable
     with JobDefs.

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