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[Bacula-devel] Compiling bacula client on AIX 5.3

I gave up on gcc, but I was able to compile the client using IBM C
compiler V7.0. Here is what I did, you may want to incorporate the
changes in the distribution:

cd /tmp
gtar -xzf bacula-2.2.7.tar.gz
cd bacula-2.2.7

# Set path so that xlc, xlC and cpp are in path, IBM cpp is in
export PATH=/usr/vacpp/bin:/usr/ccs/lib:$PATH

# set C compiler.
export CXX=xlC

# Set C++ compiler
export CC=xlc

# Set compiler flags so that AIX C++ compiler compiles all code as C++
# I am not sure why the C++ code in bacula is name *.c. The IBM C++
# treats *.c as a C code and fails.
# I set CXXFLAGS but the makefile does not include CXXFLAGS variable. I
# believe that this option should be set using CXXFLAGS, because
# according to the configure --help, CPPFLAGS is used for cpp and
# is used by C++ compiler.
export CPPFLAGS=-+

# Edit src/lib/bsys.c and comment the declaration of initgroups
# because it is already defined. You will get error from compiler.

# I had to set --prefix because the default location is /usr, although
# configure --help says that default is /usr/local.
./configure  --enable-largefile --enable-readline --prefix=/usr/local 

# Although I specified --enable-largefile and --enable-readline, the
# configure script did not enable the support:
  Large file support:         no
  Bacula conio support:       yes -lcurses
  readline support:           no
  TCP Wrappers support:       no
  TLS support:                no
  Encryption support:         no
  ZLIB support:               yes
  enable-smartalloc:          yes
  bat support:                no
  enable-gnome:               no
  enable-bwx-console:         no
  client-only:                yes
  build-dird:                 yes
  build-stored:               yes
  ACL support:                no
  Python support:             no
  Batch insert enabled:       no

# Edit make file and comment the following line, AIX make does not like
.PATH:      .

# Run make command.

# Run make install command.
make install

Hemant Shah
E-mail: hjrrs@xxxxxxxxx

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