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Re: [Bacula-devel] Idea: "Flexibly scheduled" jobs

Hi Nigel,

* [22.01.08 20:57]:
> By the way, did you try bacula-users first?
No, actually I was asked by Kern to post it to the list, so I thought -devel
would be the right place.

> This actually is doable using the current set of configuration directives.  I have the following in 
> my bacual-dir.conf:
>   Reschedule On Error = yes
>   Reschedule Interval = 1 hour
>   Reschedule Times = 6
> The last 3 lines are what you want.  Set whatever start time you want, then if it fails it will try 
> again every hour for 6 hours.
> There will only be an error if it fails after the last retry.
> Is that the behavior you are looking for?
Thanks, that's very close to the idea I had on my mind. Thanks for pointing
this out! I'm going to integrate it into my configuration now :-).

Best regards,

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