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Re: [Bacula-devel] Idea: "Flexibly scheduled" jobs

Michael Stapelberg wrote:
> Hi,

Hi, I usually just lurk here, but the list is quiet at the moment so 
I'll attempt to address your issue.

By the way, did you try bacula-users first?

> I noticed that the current way of scheduling jobs is too inflexible and I'd
> like to extend it.
> I'd now like to schedule the backup for 09:00 AM and tell bacula "Just retry
> later if it doesn't succeed, that's not a serious problem".

This actually is doable using the current set of configuration 
directives.  I have the following in my bacual-dir.conf:

JobDefs {
   Name = "LaptopTapeJob"
   Type = Backup
   Level = Incremental
   Client = bigiron-fd
   Storage = Tape
   Messages = Standard
   Pool = TapePool
   Priority = 10
   Spool Data = Yes
   Schedule = "SemiMonthly"
   Rerun Failed Levels = yes
   Reschedule On Error = yes
   Reschedule Interval = 1 hour
   Reschedule Times = 6

The last 3 lines are what you want.  Set whatever start time you want, 
then if it fails it will try again every hour for 6 hours.

There will only be an error if it fails after the last retry.

Is that the behavior you are looking for?

> Best regards,
> Michael


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