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Re: [Bacula-devel] Idea: "Flexibly scheduled" jobs

I think if I were implementing a feature like that, I'd do it via a
Retry directive which would have two arguments: retry interval, and
maximum number of retries before failing the job altogether.  The
directive would be usable within a Job or JobDefs record.

With such a feature, suppose I have a client 'foo' which may well have
been shut down before the time comes for it to be backed up, but which
has wake-on-LAN enabled.  I could modify its Job definition like this:

Job {
  Name = "Foo Save"
  JobDefs = Backup
  Client = foo
  FileSet = "Foo Full Set"
  Schedule = Night
  Retry = "2,10"       # allow up to 2 retries at 10-minute intervals

It does currently retry (unless you have a run before job that fails) but I am unsure if you can set the number of times to check or the interval. I believe you can set the entire time to give up. I just use concurrency and allow other jobs to go on while it is trying to contact unavailable clients. Eventually these jobs will either run or terminate.


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