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[Bacula-devel] Idea: "Flexibly scheduled" jobs


I noticed that the current way of scheduling jobs is too inflexible and I'd
like to extend it.

My scenario is the following:
I have a backup server which runs 24/7.
I have a workstation which runs most of the day but goes into suspend to RAM
when I go to sleep.
The time during which the workstation is turned on varies. Sometimes it isn't
turned on at all because I'm not there, sometimes at 06:00 AM, sometimes at
04:00 PM.

I'd now like to schedule the backup for 09:00 AM and tell bacula "Just retry
later if it doesn't succeed, that's not a serious problem".

The right place to implement it is the schedule resource in my opinion. It
could be called "possible-full" (a modification of the full level) and
"floating-full" (as in: floating in the schedule) and bacula would just retry
later to complete this job if it can't be done at the moment. The difference
between possible and floating is that possible just completes the job if it is
possible at the moment without raising an error if it isn't (that's where it
differs from the behaviour at the moment) whereas floating would re-schedule
the job for an hour (or so) later.

What do you think of this idea? Any comments?

Best regards,

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