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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Bacula-users] Beta release of Bacula version 2.2.8

Weber, Philip wrote:
> I've fairly recently implemented Bacula on Solaris 9 servers - Director,
> 2 Storage Daemons, 2 tape libraries, MySQL.  I also have a similar test
> environment which I can get up and running fairly quickly.
> Should I be running the regression tests either for my own upgrade
> testing or for the benefit of the community?  If so, where do I start?

It's always a good idea to run regression tests =)  You should note, however, 
that the contention issues that Kern mentioned are quite difficult to hit in 
the regression suites.  I was able to hit the contention issue a few times a 
week in my configuration (two tape drives off a single autochanger, about 20 
clients), but not in the regression suite.

The regression suite is actually pretty easy to get started with.  Directions 
are in the developer's manual:


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