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[Bacula-devel] Beta release of Bacula version 2.2.8


This afternoon, I release a BETA version of Bacula 2.2.8 to the bacula-beta 
and the Win32-beta sections of Source Forge.  This release has a number of 
bug fixes, most notably a back port of code from the trunk that partially 
resolves problems of multiple drive autochangers.  This is not a complete 
solution to the problem but may correct it for a number of you, and more 
importantly if you are running CentOS 5.1, it should avoid putting your SCSI 
driver in a bad state or in some cases that I experienced hanging your OS.

There are a significant number of changes to the SD reservations system, and I 
will be off-line for a week or more, so rather than making a normal release, 
I have released it as a BETA, which means that if you have lots of problems, 
plan on backing up to the previous version.  I don't expect that to happen, 
but I prefer to be conservative.

I believe that I have a much more complete solution to the problem sitting in 
the trunk SVN, but until it has more testing, I wouldn't recommend it for 
production unless you are really desperate ...

I would appreciate any feedback you have on this BETA version ...

Best regards,


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