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Re: [Bacula-devel] WinBacula: no more files from mounted disks are backed up...

On Tuesday 08 January 2008 18:09, Dan Langille wrote:
> Masopust, Christian wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I've a very urgent problem.  One of my Win2k3-Servers has some disks
> > mounted to local directories (without a drive-letter).
> > Since some days I'm no longer able to backup the mounted disks!
> >
> > To be clear:  first disk is mounted at "D:\" (files direct on D: and on
> > it's subdirectories
> > can be backed up). second disk is mounted at "D:\abcd" and no file or
> > directory on
> > this disk will be backed up! Permissions are the same for all
> > directories...
> >
> > I've tried all WinBacula versions from 2.2.4 up to 2.2.7.
> >
> > any idea what happens?
> Please note: I have dropped bacula-devel from the CC: list.  I see no
> reason to involve that list for now.
> Do you see any error or warning messages during this job?
> The first thing that comes to mind is multiple file systems.  The onefs
> directive takes care of that.

I suspect this is related to the fact that I implemented backup/restore of  
Win32 "reparse points", and if I remember right I inhibited the FD from 
following "reparse points" (i.e. from following links to avoid recursive 
loops or backing up a directory twice). Previously the FD was totally 
ignorant of what a "reparse point"  was.  Unfortunately Vista uses *lots* of 
reparse points for maintaining backward compatibility with their previous 
stupid file naming convention that contained spaces.  They seem to have 
wisely dropped that convention in Vista ...  They do still however translate 
default directory names, which creates nightmares for software writers ...

Unfortunately, my implementation of reparse point backup seems to keep the FD 
from following links when the user explicitly specifies the link, so the new 
code corrected a previous bug where the Win32 FD was always following links 
(mounts) even though onefs is true, but it apparently created a new bug where 
it *never* will follow a link.

I think the best approach is for Christian to open a Bacula Bug report on this 
so that it is not lost.  

Best regards,


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