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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Bacula-users] Mini-Bacula Status Report

On Thursday 17 January 2008 16:53, Alan Brown wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Jan 2008, Kern Sibbald wrote:
> >.... My best analysis at this point is that Bacula is writing
> > to a tape volume and another job causes the tape to be unloaded, this
> > causes a Bacula failure and also causes the Red Hat (CentOS) 5.1 kernel
> > or driver to go belly up too (sometimes the driver just fails to work
> > correctly, other times the system freezes).
> I've been spending the last 6 weeks trying to track down the cause of
> _exactly_ this problem and had no idea it might be bacula itself causing
> the crashes....

Yes, in addition to being a Bacula bug, it is a Kernel bug, and I have filed a 
bug report, but I don't imagine they will fix it any time soon.  Sorry about 
the inconvenience, and the more than usual delay in reporting this, but I 
haven't been in the best of form lately (about 2 months now ...).

> Will upgrade and try it out.

Thanks.  I have just released it to the bacula-beta and Win32-beta sections of 
Source Forge.  Since there are significant changes in the SD reservations 
system, I suggest you ensure that if there are problems that you can backup 
to 2.2.7 relatively easily ...

Feedback would be appreciated.

Best regards,


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