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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Bacula-users] copy over internal IP

Andy Goldschmidt wrote:
> Hey guys
> Not sure if this has been asked or answered before.
> Is it possible for me to setup the director and storage and file daemons to
> talk to each other on say eth0 (10.0.0.xx). I want to specify an IP or
> network device to then actually do the copy over (E.g. eth1 192.168.x.x) ?
> E.g. Lets say we have 3 servers. A director, a client and a storage server.
>  I want to get the client to backup to the storage server.
> All 3 servers can talk to each other over eth0 (10.0.0.xx) network. But the
> client and storage server have a crossover cable connecting them (eth1).
> I want Bacula director to physically transfer the data between the client
> and storage server over that crossover cable (eth1).
> Can this be done presently ? or do I need to submit it as a feature
> request.

Currently, the best way to do this would be to tweak the IP address each hosts
resolves the name of the storage server to.  You can do this either using DNS
views, or by adding entries to /etc/hosts file.  This way, the director
resolves the sd hostname to the 10 net address, but the client resolves the
hostname to the 192 address and uses that connection instead.

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