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[Bacula-devel] Mini-Bacula Status Report


I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and that 2008 works out well with 
you all.

This is a mini-Bacula Status report because I won't go into a lot of detail 
here, but plan a much more detailed status report in a couple of weeks.

Since today is the beginning of my annual migration from the cold snowy 
mountains of Switzerland to the much more clement weather of Southern France 
(for 8 weeks), I expect to be off-line for a week or two, so if you have 
unanswered emails it will be normal, and hopefully another developer will 
respond to any urgent bug reports.

Bacula version 2.2.8 is ready for release, but I cannot officially release it 
in good conscience and then go off-line for a week or two, so if all goes 
well, I will be releasing it as a Beta release today.  This means that I 
really would like you to install it and test it, but if something goes wrong 
(unlikely) be prepared to put back your prior version.

We are still having reports of failures of various sorts on systems running 
jobs that use autochangers with multiple drives. This only seems to happen 
with users who are using Bacula capabilities to the maximum, so it is not a 
big problem for most users. 

Over the last couple of months, I have spend quite a lot of time on this 
problem, which is very complicated since it is very timing dependent and thus 
hard to reproduce. My best analysis at this point is that Bacula is writing 
to a tape volume and another job causes the tape to be unloaded, this causes 
a Bacula failure and also causes the Red Hat (CentOS) 5.1 kernel or driver to 
go belly up too (sometimes the driver just fails to work correctly, other 
times the system freezes).  Version 2.2.8 has a *partial* fix for this 
problem, which *should* eliminate a large class of problems. This fix was 
backported from some older trunk SVN code.  I also believe that I have a 
complete or more complete fix for the problem in the trunk of the SVN, but I 
don't yet recommend to use the trunk SVN in production eventhough it passes 
all the regression scripts correctly.

If all goes well and I get positive feedback about version 2.2.8, I'll 
officially release it in the next few weeks.

Development work is proceeding, but a bit slowly due to the time it has 
required to work on the multiple drive bugs.  However, it is looking like the 
next major release of Bacula will have a number of interesting features 
particularly for large users and enterprises ...

Best regards,


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