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Re: [Bacula-devel] Verify Jobs

On Tuesday 15 January 2008 15:30, Christian Sabelmann wrote:
> Hello, I've a question about the Verify Job and depending on the answer
> I have a sort of feature request....
> 1.: The Verify Job VolumeToCatalog should compare the File Attributes
> stored on the volumes with the File attributes stored in the Catalog.
>    A very important part of the File Attributes are the checksum or the
> MD5....
>   When I run a verify job volumeToCatalog I would not expect from bacula
> to read the MD5 Attribut from the volume and compare with the Catalog,
> BUT to read the Data from the Volume, build the MD5 hash "on the fly"
> and compare the result with the MD5 of the Catalog.
> Can some one confirm if this is the way how the verify job works???

Yes, that is exactly what the manual says and what is implemented.

> 2.: The Verify Job is becoming more important everyday, but even if
> recommended, it is not always possible, or not always desired, to run a
> verify Job just after the last backup Job.  I know that the verify Job
> only works with the last Backup Job, it does not matter if it was a Full
> or Incremental Backup.
> It should be possible to run Verify Jobs for backup Jobs older than the
> last one.  For example:
> I do a Backup of a system everyday.
> Mon: Full
> Tue - Fri: Incremental.
> Now for example it could happen that the last incremental backup on
> Friday is 0 because nothing changed from Thursday to Friday, it is ok,
> fine.  But now if I wanted to verify the Files I was backing up the
> whole week, then naturally the verify Job will just check the last Job,
> and for the bad luck there isn't gonna be nothing to check since the
> last Job had nothing to back up, thus the verify job ends with OK but
> nothing was checked.  Still this behavior is totally accepted since its
> supposed to check only the last job.
> Some other user reported a bug where the verify job started checking the
> files of the Job prior to the last one, bug or not, it was related to
> the time the Jobs were started and finished.  It does not matter.  So it
> seems that the verify Job is not really fixed to the las Job executed,
> the verify just selects the last job, using some sql queries right??? 


> I 
> think it is just programmed to work that way, so I think, it not so hard
> to expand the way it works, letting the user decide which Job should
> really be verified or which volume... (AS LONG AS THE REQUIRED FILE
> I know many user are slowly adapting the way they back up systems to run
> automatically a verify job after backing up, but, is it the only way to
> do it???

Yes as currently implemented.

> changing the verify behaviour could make things a little bit easier of
> even more flexible for those who does not verify jobs Everyday.....
> I hope you can follow me.
> returning to the example above, if wanted to verify everything I backed
> up during the week, then since the verify Job only verifies the
> incremental backup of friday, I would be force to restore the files
> myself and do a check my self, .... Does it have to be this way???
> please help...

As you mentioned above, this is really a Feature Request.

Please see: http://www.bacula.org -> Feature Request   for how to submit a 
feature request.



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