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[Bacula-devel] Verify Jobs

Hello, I've a question about the Verify Job and depending on the answer 
I have a sort of feature request....

1.: The Verify Job VolumeToCatalog should compare the File Attributes 
stored on the volumes with the File attributes stored in the Catalog.
   A very important part of the File Attributes are the checksum or the 
  When I run a verify job volumeToCatalog I would not expect from bacula 
to read the MD5 Attribut from the volume and compare with the Catalog, 
BUT to read the Data from the Volume, build the MD5 hash "on the fly" 
and compare the result with the MD5 of the Catalog.
Can some one confirm if this is the way how the verify job works???

2.: The Verify Job is becoming more important everyday, but even if 
recommended, it is not always possible, or not always desired, to run a 
verify Job just after the last backup Job.  I know that the verify Job 
only works with the last Backup Job, it does not matter if it was a Full 
or Incremental Backup. 

It should be possible to run Verify Jobs for backup Jobs older than the 
last one.  For example:
I do a Backup of a system everyday.
Mon: Full
Tue - Fri: Incremental.

Now for example it could happen that the last incremental backup on 
Friday is 0 because nothing changed from Thursday to Friday, it is ok, 
fine.  But now if I wanted to verify the Files I was backing up the 
whole week, then naturally the verify Job will just check the last Job, 
and for the bad luck there isn't gonna be nothing to check since the 
last Job had nothing to back up, thus the verify job ends with OK but 
nothing was checked.  Still this behavior is totally accepted since its 
supposed to check only the last job.

Some other user reported a bug where the verify job started checking the 
files of the Job prior to the last one, bug or not, it was related to 
the time the Jobs were started and finished.  It does not matter.  So it 
seems that the verify Job is not really fixed to the las Job executed, 
the verify just selects the last job, using some sql queries right???  I 
think it is just programmed to work that way, so I think, it not so hard 
to expand the way it works, letting the user decide which Job should 
really be verified or which volume... (AS LONG AS THE REQUIRED FILE 

I know many user are slowly adapting the way they back up systems to run 
automatically a verify job after backing up, but, is it the only way to 
do it???
changing the verify behaviour could make things a little bit easier of 
even more flexible for those who does not verify jobs Everyday.....
I hope you can follow me. 

returning to the example above, if wanted to verify everything I backed 
up during the week, then since the verify Job only verifies the 
incremental backup of friday, I would be force to restore the files 
myself and do a check my self, .... Does it have to be this way??? 
please help...

Christian Sabelmann

Christian Sabelmann
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