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[Bacula-devel] Truckloads of errors when mysql database table is broken

I got an email message on the weekend from Bacula, about another email
it tried to send but couldn't because it was too big (>20mb in this

Looking at the logs, Bacula has mountains of these sorts of:

11-Jan 22:00 xxx-dir: Nightly.2008-01-11_22.00.00 Fatal error:
sql_create.c:753 Create db File record INSERT INTO File
(FileIndex,JobId,PathId,FilenameId,LStat,MD5) VALUES
(283,137,17,215,'P0A BQCr IGk B A A A 06 BAA I BHhgL8 BBwIzc BB5Qc9 A A
E','H4O3zz3QCvPlCBfyxpiBQw') failed. ERR=Table './bacula/File' is marked
as crashed and should be repaired

The director is 2.0.3, so maybe this problem has been fixed since then,
but shouldn't Bacula just give up after a while when every single write
to the database fails?

(of course the root problem is that the mysql table is marked as
'crashed' - I'm repairing that now)

I assume there is a way to limit the size of emails that Bacula sends
me... I'll go and reads the docs now...



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