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Re: [Bacula-devel] catalog backend to IBM DB2

João Henrique Freitas wrote:
> Hello,
> I am like to report my status in libdbi interface to Bacula.
> The libdbi drivers works in Bacula (configure, make, run).
> Not regression tests had pass yet, because I need to do a job backup worked.
> But I ran every comand in bconsole like "status dir", "list volumes"....
> Basicaly I create and code in src/cats/dbi.c, change the definitions
> in src/cats/cats.h and add a new option in dird_conf.h dbitype.
> If someone want to see the code, please tell me. When the job backup
> work. I report a new status here.

Congratulations.  :)

When you get the backup and restore working, run the regression tests 
from the regress directory in the repository.

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