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Re: [Bacula-devel] catalog backend to IBM DB2


I am like to report my status in libdbi interface to Bacula.

The libdbi drivers works in Bacula (configure, make, run).
Not regression tests had pass yet, because I need to do a job backup worked.

But I ran every comand in bconsole like "status dir", "list volumes"....

Basicaly I create and code in src/cats/dbi.c, change the definitions
in src/cats/cats.h and add a new option in dird_conf.h dbitype.

If someone want to see the code, please tell me. When the job backup
work. I report a new status here.


On Dec 10, 2007 1:41 PM, David Boyes <dboyes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > But we have a way (already proposed initially by Kern and now by David).
> We can use the libdbi
> > ( http://libdbi.sourceforge.net/) to do the work
> Even better -- someone else already did the hard part..8-) Gluing this into
> Bacula will be fairly simple, as the database interaction is already fairly
> well abstracted into a C++ class.
> > 1. Test the framework libdbi. Understand how they work and limitations
> The major limitation is that if you want the SQL to work on multiple
> databases, then you have to use the lowest common denominator language level
> and features. There are places in Bacula where various things exploit
> "features" of the currently supported databases.  The Postgres code is the
> most rabidly standards-compliant, so I'd start with that SQL and see if it
> just works out of the box (ie, if you deliver the stuff written for
> Postgress to DB/2, I suspect it will be more likely to work correctly than
> the MySQL code, which has a few local features).
> > 2. Code in Bacula the drivers for libdbi interfacing with the databases
> supported by libdbi
> See above. All the nasty parts are in the C++ class that abstracts the
> database access.
> > 3. Create the a libdbi driver for DB2 (and others databases too)
> DB/2, Sybase and Oracle already have one, and they're officially supported
> by the vendor. 8-) Once you get the DBI layer in place, you can follow the
> directions provided with the database to enable the DBI driver they provide.
> > Important: this idea not discard the already interfacing drivers already
> coded in Bacula, but one way to use
> > proprietary databases and connectivity API in Bacula.
> On the other hand, there are MySQL and Postgres DBI drivers, too. I don't
> know about sqllite, but I wouldn't be heartbroken to see sqllite use fall
> off. It's not like MySQL or Postgres are *that* big of a PITA to implement
> and manage. Or someone could write a DBI driver for sqllite.

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