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Re: [Bacula-devel] option to disable compression depending on storage type (disk/tape)

> Alternatively, you could set up a compressed file system or block
> device. I never tried that, but there seem to be a few options - under
> linux, cloop would be one, compFUSEd another one.
I have played around with the two fuse modules. There is also
fusecompress: http://miio.net/fusecompress/

I know I am going a little off topic, but what I am waiting for is a
fuse compression module that will allow me to write the data to the
disk uncompressed (instead of compressed like the two fuse modules do
now) but allow me to run a cron job to compress the data at a later
time using lzma set at its maximum. Although I have other uses for
that, I think that would be very good in for using with bacula volumes
if I keep them only a few GB. Now only if I had free time to modify
fusecompress and implement that...


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