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[Bacula-devel] option to disable compression depending on storage type (disk/tape)


up to now I made only tape based backups. Now I wanted to use disk
volumes for incremental and differential backups, because of the very
small deltas, but still tapes for the full backups.

The compression option is part of the FileSet and can not be changed
based on the storage type. For tape volumes I don't want an additional
software compression. For disk volumes it would make sense to use it.
Using different fileset for a jobs breaks the inc/diff/full cycle.

How complex would it be to implement a flag in the sd resource which
enabled/disables compression? Or an additional override feature for
compression in the schedule resource?

I didn't find anything  related on the project page. Would it make
sense to implement this as an project or is it possible that this will
eventually be realized without an extra project?


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