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[Bacula-devel] Win32 Regressions

Hello Michael,

Last year, you did quite a lot of work on making the Win32 regression tests 
work.  As you might have noticed since that time, we have updated the Linux 
testing to use both the old scripts and ctest, which allows us with cron jobs 
and ctest to have a nightly dashboard of test results.

I would also like to have the Win32 tests running nightly with ctest so that 
they can be included in the dashboard results. Although I have never setup 
and run the Win32 tests here, but would like to do so now.

Would you (or anyone else familiar with the Win32 Bacula servers) be willing 
to help work with me to get the Win32 tests running under ctest so that they 
can also be included in the nightly testing?

This is not an urgent project, but I think it could be reasonably be put into 
place with a small amount of work over the next month or two.  I would also 
like to consider the idea of having all the basic bconsole scripts in a 
single directory that can be used by both the Unix/Linux testing and the 
Win32 testing.

Best regards,


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