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[Bacula-devel] Bacula BETA 2.2.10-b4 released


I have released the source tar files and the Win32 binaries for the Bacula 
BETA 2.2.10-b4 release to Source Forge.

Unless there are some major problems with this version, aside from a few last 
minute fixes, it will be officially released later this week.  Testers and 
feedback would be much appreciated.  Please note the change in behavior (now 
correct) for the Win32 File daemon.

Best regards,


===========   Warning !!!!!! ====================
As of Version 2.2.10-b4, the Win32 FD should not descend into
any reparse point directory or reparse mount points unless the
specified directory is explicitly mentioned at the top level of
FileSet (as with Unix). A file that is linked to another file will
be backed up, much like Unix hardlinked files.  If you want
reparse directories backed up, you must explicitly include them
in your FileSet.

Beta Release Version 2.2.10-b4
kes  Enhance a couple of SD debug messages.
kes  Tweak unload flag setting and ensure it is set during swap.
ebl  Fix #1091 about bad output in estimate command.
kes  Modify autochanger locking to attempt to avoid race
kes  Make sure device not busy before doing label command.
kes  Display open() errors except when polling. Previously too
     many were suppressed.  This should fix bug #1070.
kes  Fix Win32 reparse points. Bacula will not recurse into any
     reparse point directory, including mount points, unless the
     directory is explicitly mentioned at the top level (same as
     with Unix).  A file that is linked to another file will be
     backed up -- much as Unix does for hardlinked files.
     This fixes bug #1041.
kes  Remove double quotes from ChangeLog and ReleaseNotes
kes  Remove StorageId test when pruning and recycling (Eric's changes).
kes  Remove old form of locking when getting volumes -- causes deadlock.
kes  Fix buffer overruns detected by Coverity.

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