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Re: [Bacula-devel] patch: fix: job graphs don't work even with qwt

Kern Sibbald wrote:

> Hello Riccardo,
> Nice. I like the idea of making the qwt buttons invisible.
> One small detail: I would prefer not to have assert()s in the code because it 
> is not very user friendly.  I suggest to either completely ignore the 
> condition (my preference) or possibly print a message in the status line.  

Ah, ok. I'll remove the asserts, then.

  > PS: As far as I can tell, there is still some configuration problem 
> changing the qwt option on configure.  I think the problem is that a "make 
> clean" is needed after every ./configure to get things right, but in the 
> qt-source directory it is not currently happening.  I will work on this in 
> the next couple of days -- in the mean time, if you change the ./configure 
> qwt option, you must manually do a "make clean".
Yes, I too noticed that. config.h should be included among cpps 


P.S. Had you time to look at my post on translating bat ? I really like 
to have some feedback from both developers and translators, especially 
from those who had problem translating bat.

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