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[Bacula-devel] Regression Dashboard

Hello Frank,

Thanks again to Dan Langille for suggesting and pushing for this project as 
well as running nightly FreeBSD regressions, and to you for getting the 
scripts running, the dashboard setup,  hosting the dashboard site, and 
running nightly regressions.  

This definitely a very significant help to the project in being able to see 
the test results on a variety of machines, and to be able to drill down to 
any errors that do show up.  I don't know how I ever lived without it.

We are now able to automatically test a number of Linux distros, FreeBSD, and 
Solaris on a nightly basis, which will surely improve the quality of the 
Bacula code.  

Anyway, aside from the above thanks, is there any way that you can get the 
dashboard to show date/time in CET format?  Since most of the developers are 
running on CET, it would be very helpful -- especially for the "experimental" 
test runs that we do before committing.



PS: any Bacula user who has a few spare CPU cycles is welcome to setup and run 
the regression scripts -- it is rather trivial, and once setup with a cron 
job runs automatically.  Even if there is currently testing of your 
particular distribution having additional testers is useful because often 
bugs show up on one distro and/or hardware configuration but not on another 
because many of the bugs depend on subtle timing between the threads.

To do so, checkout the regress from the SVN, read the README.ctest, and it 
should be relatively easy from there on -- if you have any problems please 
ask on the developers list.  Note, the regression scripts run only on Unix, 
FreeBSD, and Linux distributions and not on Win32, Mac OS, or other *BSD 

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