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[Bacula-devel] rpms

Hello Scott,

I see that you are working on rpm packaging.  Thanks!

To simplify building of bat for 2.2.10-b4 (current SVN) and later, I have 
added a new ./configure option.  It is --without-qwt.  This allows you to 
completely eliminate the need for having the Qt4 qwt library available for 
building bat.  At the current time, bat uses qwt only for one graph, which I 
think very few people use, so until we get more graphics, I would probably 
recommend that you use this option to simplify your packaging problems.

Note: one current problem with the above is that if you change from --with-qwt 
to --without-qwt, you must either start with a clean build or do 
a "manual" "make clean" before the make or bat will not be correctly built.  
I don't think this is a problem for you, but I mention it, and I do hope to 
have it fixed before the official release (see below).

Best regards,


PS: Unless something major comes up, I expect the official release of 2.2.10 
sometime late next week.  I'll probably make the last BETA 2.2.10-b4 tonight 
or tomorrow.

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