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Re: [Bacula-devel] Cross-compiling with mingw32


On Friday 23 May 2008 18:29:29 Alexandre Boily wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I have recently installed Bacula on Windows, and it works just fine. The
> problem is: I'd like it to use MySQL instead of SQLite.
> The best way I found to do this is to cross-compile Bacula with mingw32
> (correct me if there is a simpler method).
> I read the README.mingw32 file, and tried to run the
> "build-win32-cross-tools" after checking that texinfo, flex, bison, m4,
> etc. were correctly installed.
> Unfortunately, the script chokes while building binutils, saying that
> "makeinfo" was not found, even though it clearly exists in
> /usr/bin/makeinfo.
> The exact error is:
> *** Makeinfo is missing. Info documentation will not be built.
> /home/boily/Fetch/cross-tools/source/binutils-2.16.91-20060119-1/libiberty/
> ternary.c:144:attention : ‘ternary_recursivesearch’ defined but not used
> ... removed lines ...
> make[3]: ***
> [/home/boily/Fetch/cross-tools/source/binutils-2.16.91-20060119-1/bfd/doc/
> bfd.info] Erreur 1
> Does anyone have indications or tips? I'd be very thankful!

I haven't built the cross-compiling tools for some time, so I don't know what 
is going wrong.  I doubt it is because of the missing makeinfo since that 
says the docs will not be built.  However, it does seem to be dying in the 
doc file.  I think the README explains how to debug this kind of situation -- 
you need to look in the log file that it keeps in each package it builds, and 
there you will find the details of what is failing (or at least the output 
from the build process).

There is no need for you to rebuild the Windows Bacula since it is built and 
released with all three databases.  Since I have never installed the server 
which is unsupported (due to lack of documentation by the programmer that 
ported it), you will need to look in the notes it prints at the end of the 
install for hints.  You might need to remove the installation and re-install 
it, since, if I am not mistaken, you need to specify what database to run at 
installation time.

Sorry I cannot be more help, but since we have no real Windows developer (I do 
the client), we have no one to support this or who can tell you how it works.

> P.S.: Sorry for my sloppy English!

Your English is just fine :-)


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